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Securitisation 2.0 in Luxembourg

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CrossLend’s resident expert on securitisations, Head of Legal Antonine Sanchez, talks about the potential advantages of a securitisation structure for investors, the changes to Luxembourg’s securitisation law including the ability to better incorporate foreign instruments such as German Schuldschein, and the concept of securitisation as a service. Hi Antonine, can [...]

Due diligence on digital lenders

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While investing in the originations of digital lenders can be attractive to investors, a robust and detailed due diligence framework is essential before deploying funds. Because there are often differences between lenders, such as reporting and data, it is essential to have a standardised approach to due diligence, combining [...]

The growth of private debt in Europe has its origins in the Global Financial Crisis

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Brian Kane, Director of Capital Markets and Origination at CrossLend, spent the best part of seventeen years working at a ratings agency in Europe from 1997 to 2015. There he had a ringside seat to the emergence of a range of new funding instruments and asset classes in the [...]

Risk scoring: How investors can assess digital lenders

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Risk scoring is at the heart of many lending approaches. The regulations that govern digital lending are typically less stringent than those in the banking space. This makes it even more essential for potential investors to analyse how a credit platform is pricing and managing risk, believes Miguel de Abreu [...]

The role of private debt as a portfolio diversifier for institutional investors

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Amid the low yields on offer on traditional fixed-income assets, private debt is emerging as a strong alternative. For institutional investors, adding private debt exposures to their portfolios can help improve diversification due to the low correlation of private debt to equities and fixed income, as well as an [...]

Data and analytics can give private debt funds an edge in the race to deploy capital

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Investment funds specialised in investing in private debt can be an attractive route to gain exposure to this alternative asset class. Yet data on the volumes of undeployed capital - dry powder - in the private debt fund segment globally suggest strong competition for attractive deals. When it comes to [...]

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