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Due diligence on digital lenders

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While investing in the originations of digital lenders can be attractive to investors, a robust and detailed due diligence framework is essential before deploying funds. Because there are often differences between lenders, such as reporting and data, it is essential to have a standardised approach to due diligence, combining [...]

The rising importance of private debt as an asset class

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There is an academic and slightly boring way of lecturing about private debt as an asset class. It goes somewhat like this: yields are low, new investable assets are needed, and here is a few charts about a trendline showing that the year to year growth rates are climbing [...]

Rethinking the nature of financial systems as complex systems

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The twentieth century brought a great deal of changes to the financial industry. It saw shifts in global power dynamics, the rise of central banking systems to hegemony, the divorce of money from precious metals, the advent of the forex market, the explosive growth of the derivatives market, the [...]

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