Securitisation as a Service

Digital & automated issuance of
capital markets instruments

Since our company’s inception in 2014, we have consistently focused energy on optimising the digitalisation of the securitisation process. CrossLend’s Securitisation as a Service efficiently securitises assets within a robust legal framework and a state-of-the-art technology stack, thereby streamlining and automating processes. Our platform continuously ingests data and transforms the information into our unified data model. With our innovative securitisation process, you can now build a bridge to the traditional capital markets.

Authorised, supervised, audited

CrossLend integrates originator data into our data and reporting framework. This ensures consistent understanding of the data, high quality reporting, and compliance with CrossLend’s audit requirements. Following the data transformation process, the loan-level data of the originator will be in the standardised and unified CrossLend data format and can easily be used for reporting purposes.

Supporting various asset classes & currencies

CrossLend has securitised a variety of asset classes already, starting from very small fractional invoice receivables all the way up to large scale real estate mortgages. Our setup allows investment in more than 80 currencies.

Full flexibility

Our Securitisation as a Service offers clients a fully customisable setup when it comes to the definition of ramp-up periods and the ongoing replenishment of assets. Investors will have the opportunity to put their funds to work efficiently, avoiding costly idle cash.

Different note types

Investors are free to choose between the issuance of registered notes or bearer notes with an ISIN. CrossLend’s tried-and-tested legal documentation can be adapted to each unique client’s needs. This flexible setup opens up new ways to scale investments within the private debt space.