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Analyse portfolio characteristics

Gain insights into the underlying structure and composition of your loan portfolio with our platform. Our loan-level data analysis allows for a sophisticated deep-dive and enables you to track portfolio characteristics over time.

Our analytics also allow for a thorough investigation of borrower characteristics, depending on the asset class of the portfolio. Explore various factors and attributes to make informed decisions.

Performance analysis

Get real-time insights into your portfolio’s performance with our analytics platform. The summary dashboard provides a convenient overview of all essential portfolio KPIs and the composition of performing and non-performing loans.

Analyse performance over time in different vintages, apply custom filters to specific parts of the portfolio, and test different scenarios. Our arrears analysis even helps you evaluate the likelihood of a loan becoming non-performing based on days spent in arrears.

Analytics tools

Take your portfolio analysis to the next level with our advanced analytics tools. Calculate a fair price valuation, derive an indicative rating, analyze portfolio sensitivities, inspect patterns and concentrations in the portfolio composition, and calculate the Return on Equity.

All features are based on unified loan-level data and can be adjusted in real-time for maximum accuracy and flexibility.

Other features

Data standardisation

3rd party verification

Data room


Sharing of portfolios

Reporting engine

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