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Digital lending emerges as an important sub-segment of private debt

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Amid increasing breadth within the private debt asset class, specialised investors can allocate capital to sub segments in a bid to improve diversification and overall returns. Digital lenders - non-bank lenders that rely on external investors to fund originations - are playing an increasing role in lending to consumers and [...]

Risk scoring: How investors can assess digital lenders

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Risk scoring is at the heart of many lending approaches. The regulations that govern digital lending are typically less stringent than those in the banking space. This makes it even more essential for potential investors to analyse how a credit platform is pricing and managing risk, believes Miguel de Abreu [...]

Data and analytics can give private debt funds an edge in the race to deploy capital

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Investment funds specialised in investing in private debt can be an attractive route to gain exposure to this alternative asset class. Yet data on the volumes of undeployed capital - dry powder - in the private debt fund segment globally suggest strong competition for attractive deals. When it comes to [...]

Challenges that alternative lenders and marketplaces face when connecting with experienced capital markets investors

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First of all, I need to confess something: While CrossLend is a capital markets technology provider today, we started out as a P2P lending platform. We stopped our P2P operations a long time ago for a number of reasons, but the main reason was: complexity. While I cannot state [...]

Rethinking the nature of financial systems as complex systems

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The twentieth century brought a great deal of changes to the financial industry. It saw shifts in global power dynamics, the rise of central banking systems to hegemony, the divorce of money from precious metals, the advent of the forex market, the explosive growth of the derivatives market, the [...]

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