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Risk scoring: How investors can assess digital lenders

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Risk scoring is at the heart of many lending approaches. The regulations that govern digital lending are typically less stringent than those in the banking space. This makes it even more essential for potential investors to analyse how a credit platform is pricing and managing risk, believes Miguel de Abreu [...]

Real estate: Germany’s structural funding gap and demand for mezzanine lending

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Demand for mezzanine financing among German real estate developers has grown in recent years as banks have lowered their LTV thresholds, creating a gap that is being filled by the private debt market. CrossLend spoke with Hubertus von Fircks, Managing Director of PEMA Invest Advisory GmbH, an investment management firm, [...]

Data and analytics can give private debt funds an edge in the race to deploy capital

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Investment funds specialised in investing in private debt can be an attractive route to gain exposure to this alternative asset class. Yet data on the volumes of undeployed capital - dry powder - in the private debt fund segment globally suggest strong competition for attractive deals. When it comes to [...]

2021 Recap – Major Trends in Private Debt

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2021 was an eventful year for private debt in Europe. The enduring low-yield environment saw continued demand for private debt offerings, in part due to the illiquidity premium on offer. For some banks, the prospect of enhanced capital requirements will increase the popularity of originate-to-distribute and balance sheet light [...]

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