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Making your time matter with Elaine

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Hi Elaine, can you please introduce yourself? Where are you from, and how did you come to be living in Berlin? To start from the start, I am originally from County Cork, Ireland. I am a qualified Irish solicitor and I'm also admitted to the roll in England and [...]

Risk scoring: How investors can assess digital lenders

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Risk scoring is at the heart of many lending approaches. The regulations that govern digital lending are typically less stringent than those in the banking space. This makes it even more essential for potential investors to analyse how a credit platform is pricing and managing risk, believes Miguel de Abreu [...]

Insights: Recap of First Presence Week in Berlin

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At the end of March, CrossLend employees from six different offices - Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Lisbon, Luxembourg - kicked off a week of festivities at Potsdamer Platz, in the heart of Berlin. Presence Week, CrossLend’s inaugural corporate get together, was a great opportunity to welcome new joiners - more [...]

Make Your Time Matter With Daniel

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From working student to data scientist Hi Daniel, please introduce yourself and how you came to work at CrossLend I’m Daniel Binsfeld, born and living in Luxembourg. I did a Bachelor's degree in Economics at Munich University, and then during an internship I became interested in data science. So I [...]

The role of private debt as a portfolio diversifier for institutional investors

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Amid the low yields on offer on traditional fixed-income assets, private debt is emerging as a strong alternative. For institutional investors, adding private debt exposures to their portfolios can help improve diversification due to the low correlation of private debt to equities and fixed income, as well as an [...]

Making Your Time Matter With ​​Lasma

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Lasma Pakne is a UI/UX designer with CrossLend Hi Lasma, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do at CrossLend I’m from Latvia and have been with the company for two years and three months. I started as a graphic designer – I worked in that role for a [...]

Making Your Time Matter with Sandra

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Name: Sandra Schwinnen Title: Executive Assistant How long have you been with CrossLend? What do you like about working here? I first joined CrossLend in 2019 via an agency, working as an executive assistant and doing some bookkeeping. I found it interesting - for one, I learnt that CrossLend has [...]

Making Your Time Matter with Holger

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Name: Holger Lösken Title: Senior Web Engineer How long have you been with CrossLend? What do you like about working here? I work as a senior back-end developer and I’ve been with CrossLend for 7 months. FinTech is new to me – I enjoy spending time digging into topics [...]

Verbriefung von Forderungen wird für Banken und andere Originatoren effizienter

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TXS und CrossLend vereinbaren Kooperation. Um ihre Bilanz zu entlasten, stellen Banken und andere Originatoren Forderungen zusammen, um diese an Investoren weiterzuverkaufen. Bei der Auswahl und Zusammenstellung der Forderungen werden sie von spezialisierten Dienstleistern wie der Firma TXS aus Hamburg unterstützt. TXS ist einer der führenden deutschen Anbieter in [...]

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