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Embedded Finance

Will embedded finance shake up the B2B sector?

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Consumers have eagerly taken to the introduction of embedded finance, including buy now pay later (BNPL). Experts believe the B2B space is now primed to follow this consumer trend. They predict that B2B companies will make extensive use of embedded finance products and services, small and medium businesses (SMEs) [...]

Originator Spotlight/Mozzeno

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One of Belgium’s largest peer-to-peer lending platforms, mozzeno, saw solid growth in 2021, with origination volumes exceeding 30 million euros. That growth was in part enabled by signing on new institutional investors in 2019. The platform caters mainly to consumer financing, though it also added business lending in 2021. [...]

BNPL – what’s next for the payment alternative that’s taken the world by storm?

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Buy now pay later is a relatively simple concept and not entirely new - but it’s seen massive growth over the past two years, as e-commerce volumes boom. Widespread adoption has come from the fact that merchants love it, since it increases sales; consumers like being able to splurge [...]

‘As a Service’ companies are growing fast – and so are the demands for debt financing

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Businesses and consumers alike are drawn to the convenience and flexibility offered by ‘as a Service’ companies, including companies which operate within the fields of mobility, equipment, or infrastructure like solar panels. For such companies, fast growth and scaling is often coupled with the need to invest in equipment, [...]

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