Standardised structuring &
settlement for transactions

Smarter decisions translated into digital assets

The CrossLend Securitisation as a Service (SaaS) product is a transaction-based service that allows investors to use CrossLend’s existing SPV and legal structure to transact efficiently.

The Luxembourg connection

CrossLend provides and maintains a multi-compartment securitisation vehicle platform based in Luxembourg. We prepare all necessary legal documentation to facilitate transactions. We also open a new compartment dedicated to the client transactions and manage all relevant stakeholders.

For investors who would prefer to set up their own separate structure, we can even offer custom, white-label SPV solutions.

Issuing of different note types

In the case of registered notes, CrossLend manages the register and acts as registrar. In the case of bearer notes, CrossLend also acts as calculation agent. Through our platform, investors have access to the full range of transaction details and the standard analytics tools. We also provide standardised monthly reporting.

Standardised structuring