Banco BNI Europa and CrossLend have launched a cooperation whereby Banco BNI Europa invests into notes issued by CrossLend Securities SA. In this way, the FinTech-oriented bank will expand its investment into pan-European loan products, taking advantage of CrossLend’s innovative whole loan securitisation product.

“Using the CrossLend platform as a means to easily diversify our European portfolio in a standardised way has advantages for us over direct loan investments, in several ways. As a FinTech-driven bank, we seek to position ourselves in the most scaleable way. With its tech-driven securitisation product, CrossLend supports our growth and diversification. Over the last few years, we have successfully built a network of FinTech partnerships, in order to benefit from the speedy developments in the financial ecosystem in the smartest possible way. We also aim to expand our partnership with CrossLend in the near future,” says Pedro Pinto Coelho, CEO of Banco BNI Europa.

“We are very appreciative of the partnership with Banco BNI Europa. They are a great example of a highly efficient, modern bank. CrossLend aims to act as a partner to banks looking to actively manage their balance sheet, either by buying or selling exposure to loans. To investors, we can offer a broad selection of investable assets. Onboarding Banco BNI Europa as a further partner on our platform is confirmation of the value we can bring to established financial institutions,” states Oliver Schimek, CEO of CrossLend GmbH.

Banco BNI Europa has established several partnerships with European FinTech leaders across the continent and is now a key international player in the alternative finance sector. The bank showed growth of 141 per cent at the end of 2017, bringing its total assets over 500 million euro. Banco BNI Europa cited its focus on “innovative products” as a reason for its improved performance.

About CrossLend

CrossLend’s innovative, tech-enabled securitisation setup allows investors to build diversified portfolios of loans via notes in a flexible way at a pan-European level, while enjoying greater risk transparency. On the other side of the coin, loan originators can leverage their excess lending capacity and optimise their profit. A win-win situation for all. Forms of debt securitised by CrossLend include SME loans, consumer loans and mortgages. Backed by an array of prestigious equity investors from Europe and the U.S., including Lakestar, CME, the Luxembourg Future Fund, CrossLend plans to establish an international exchange where various forms of debt can be bought and sold. In Germany, CrossLend acts as tied agent of FinTech Group Bank AG within the scope of § 2 para. 10 of the German Banking Act. 1

About Banco BNI Europa

Banco BNI Europa was launched in July 2014 and is Portugal’s fastest growing, purely digital bank. Banco BNI Europa aims to challenge the traditional banking sector through strategic partnerships with fast-moving FinTech companies, enabling them to launch new products employing the most advanced technology in terms of risk analysis, consumer experience and rapid market entry. This strategic orientation furthermore allows the Bank to identify itself as a “Challenger Bank”, drawing on the logic of open architecture and differentiation. This positioning also allows Banco BNI Europa to stand out as a benchmark in the new generation of European FinTech banks and move forward with significant growth rates.