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How growth success factors have changed over time for European lending platforms

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Over the past few years, we have engaged with more than 70 credit platforms. We have drawn many learnings from these onboarding processes. Since all of these platforms have gone through some form of due diligence process with us and since we maintain close relationships to their teams, we [...]

The rising importance of private debt as an asset class

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There is an academic and slightly boring way of lecturing about private debt as an asset class. It goes somewhat like this: yields are low, new investable assets are needed, and here is a few charts about a trendline showing that the year to year growth rates are climbing [...]

Verbriefung von Forderungen wird für Banken und andere Originatoren effizienter

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TXS und CrossLend vereinbaren Kooperation. Um ihre Bilanz zu entlasten, stellen Banken und andere Originatoren Forderungen zusammen, um diese an Investoren weiterzuverkaufen. Bei der Auswahl und Zusammenstellung der Forderungen werden sie von spezialisierten Dienstleistern wie der Firma TXS aus Hamburg unterstützt. TXS ist einer der führenden deutschen Anbieter in [...]

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