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Broadening investor access to prime origination

CrossLend’s Marketplace is a private debt investment platform, catering to the needs of institutional investors and spanning numerous asset classes. We enable you to:

  • Save sourcing and analysis costs as well as execution time.

  • View diverse investment opportunities whenever you are considering deploying capital.
  • See all originators listed with immediate or upcoming forward flow funding requirements.
  • Have confidence in the numbers. Our unified data model is applied across all originators, meaning you only have to deal with one data format and one set of definitions to glean a transparent view of potential investments.
  • Perform interactive analysis of historical and expected portfolios on a loan-level basis. We provide an overview of different portfolio cohorts, cross-sections, or input assumptions.

Originators by country

Originators by asset class

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Marketplace overview

Marketplace overview

See a high-level summary of all available investment opportunities as you enter the Marketplace. Whether your interests are broader or asset class specific, you can find thorough and detailed information on the dashboard.

Access to investment opportunities

View a comprehensive list of opportunities spanning multiple asset classes and countries. All of them can be filtered and analysed with the assurance that every originator’s data complies with CrossLend’s unified data standard.

Access to investment opportunities
Portfolio analytics

Portfolio analytics

he analytics module offers you an abundance of data analytics in real time. You can also filter portfolios according to multiple eligibility criteria such as risk class, loan amounts, status, and more. Based on your selection the underlying loan-level data will automatically be recalculated.

The data analytics capabilities include metrics such as:

  • Origination over time by month, quarter, or year
  • Loan performance over time
  • Segmentation analysis for loan status, loan amounts, risk classes, or interest rates over time
  • Lending interest rates against loan terms per risk class
  • Portfolio vintage curves with monthly, quarterly, or yearly cohorts

Return on equity calculation

See the impact on your bottom line with our return on equity calculator. A key tool for any bank investor, just enter a few assumptions and you can immediately see the impact on your return on equity.

Return on equity calculation
Fair Price Valuation

Fair price valuation

With our valuation tool, you can assess and estimate the fair value of a loan portfolio by testing the impact of various assumptions on credit risk. Ultimately, this method of working out a fair price benefits both parties in any portfolio transaction; market friction is reduced when both parties are provided with the same level of detail about the impact of certain assumptions on credit risk. This way, more informed decisions can be made.

Sensitivity analysis

Model default, recovery, and prepayment scenarios with our sensitivity analysis tool. You are in control of your own risk modelling. Simply state or select your assumptions and the returns will update quickly and conveniently on-screen.

Real-time filtering

Real-time filtering

Make use of real-time filtering in order to analyse portfolio sub-selections. With just one click, our interactive interface automatically updates all corresponding values and graphs.

Loan-level data viewer

Investors can even view performance and loan characteristics on an individual loan level, including scheduled payment plans and realised cash flows. Every detail is taken into consideration.
Loan-level data viewer


Gain a better view of the market by taking advantage of our benchmarking tools. You can now compare your own investments to other similar investment opportunities and the market at large, with our Market Insights into loan performance and characteristics.


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