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Private debt is called “private” debt for a reason. Since these transactions do not occur on public markets, underlying loan data is often limited to the firms participating in the transaction.

Peer group analysis

A lack of available data in the private debt space makes it difficult for banks and non-banks to adequately assess their performance. Publicly listed companies can, of course, compare their shareholder returns to competitors’, but this ability is limited to publicly traded competitors only and represents only an amalgamation of all business areas. Ultimately it only provides one piece of the puzzle and fails to provide true comparisons of loan underwriting or origination.

Through CrossLend’s Alternative Lending Insights and Bank Lending Insights you can make true comparisons of underwriting volumes and quality with those of peer groups. Users can gain insights specific to both the country and sub-asset class of loans. For example, a German SME lender can compare their loan book to a peer group comprising other German SME loan books.

Increased responsiveness

Tail events and private markets make for an uneasy combination. Such events can leave originators trying to assess whether a low-probability spike in defaults is purely an issue with their own origination or due to another factor. If it’s an issue with their origination, is the issue due purely to happenstance or is it a sign of deterioration in their underwriting quality? If they’re not the only one experiencing this spike and it’s a sign of market weakness, then a different question comes to mind – does the weakness seem to be persisting?

The more visibility originators have of the market and their competitors, the more informed they are in assessing the performance of their loan book. The more informed they are, the better equipped they are to adjust lending rates and terms to their borrowers – regardless of whether that arises because of weak market conditions or an internal risk misclassification.

Expansion into new markets

Setting up operations in a new country or entering a new category or segment of lending doesn’t have to look like a leap of faith. You don’t just have the ability to look at a single origination peer group. You can look at any of the available markets on our platform.

Internal research costs or fees that would ordinarily be paid to external agencies can be foregone. CrossLend provides high level information for all given markets on its platform, providing a view on market levels for lending rates, defaults, recoveries, and more.

ABS analysis

ABS transactions may be in the public domain, but CrossLend allows you to optimise the value extracted from that data. Not just limited to private debt transactions, European ABS loan data is also available to be examined in detail using CrossLend’s ABS Analyser, allowing you to get a full picture of European lending markets.

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