Diversification & facilitation of funding

Build a sustainable foundation for growth

A diversified investor base can be a tremendous asset for a loan originator.

Avoidance of a cliff-edge

When funding lines and warehouse agreements come to an end, this can result in substantial costs to an originator. It could occur on short notice, meaning originators must suddenly find a new investor to fund both their new business and refinance their existing books.

Forward flow agreements like those arranged by CrossLend do not expose originators to such refinancing risk, allowing them to enter into agreements for an agreed term. The credit-worthiness of the investor is only relevant to future originations, not to the existing books.

Capital markets complement

While an internal capital markets team can do a very good job at sourcing institutional investments, it is unrealistic to expect an internal team to cover the entire European market. ESMA registers alone show over 12,000 European investment firms and over 3,000 AIFMs. CrossLend works closely with cap markets teams in order to determine where we are best placed to add value.

Passive and active fundraising

CrossLend offers both passive and active fundraising services. Our Marketplace allows institutional investors from across Europe to immediately review multiple investment opportunities as soon as they become aware they have dry powder – all in CrossLend’s standardised and ergonomically-designed platform.

Similarly, CrossLend’s Distribution Service gives you the ability to have active engagement with investors. Regular and meaningful feedback can be obtained from a pan-European investor base and in-house experts can assist with the creation of institutional-grade factsheets and pitchbooks.

Strengthened first impressions

CrossLend digitally integrates with loan and receivables originators’ data and delivers up-to-date and regular reporting via our Reporting Engine. Reports can be completely bespoke or conform with a number of known standards (e.g. Solvency II reporting).

Many investors and originators often require different types of reports for their various teams. The Reporting Engine can also cater for that. You no longer need to develop potentially risky manual MS Excel-based solutions and investors can even obtain reporting aggregated across all their investments.

More efficient due diligence

In conducting a due diligence analysis on an originator, we address all of the questions that investors most commonly ask. This investigation is bolstered by the extensive experience of the company and our teams when it comes to structuring transactions. After arranging introductions with potential investors, we are able to make information available to them, potentially saving the originator a great deal of time which would normally be spent dealing with multiple requests.

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