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CrossLend, through its various products, offers data, placement, structuring and settlement solutions to originators.

CrossLend’s clients include both banks and non-bank lenders. Its C-suite and team of 70+ members come from diverse areas of financial and technology services. Each member brings fresh insights from their own sector, allowing CrossLend to remain at the forefront of innovation. A high-level summary of CrossLend’s originator solutions can be found below with some specific examples on the following pages.


Originators can digitally integrate with the Data Suite. Every loan or debt asset will be automatically transformed into a digital asset. Our cutting-edge loan analytics platform works on the most granular level of each single asset. You can gain real-time insights into both the performance of your loan books and into peer-group indices, including in your area of lending.


CrossLend can provide marketing services to a Europe-wide institutional investor base – both passively through our CrossLend Marketplace and actively through our Distribution Service. Our investor base covers EU & UK banks, insurance companies, asset managers and pension funds. Our reporting solutions and various analyses tools are tailored to each of these investor groups.


CrossLend’s Securitisation as a Service model offers originators a quick and cost-efficient way to make loan assets investable for their investment partners. Solutions can involve notes issued from CrossLend’s SPVs in addition to white-label SPV solutions. These notes can be customised, with options available with respect to listing, rating and format (registered or bearer).

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Flexible syndication alternative

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