Market overview & performance

Comprehend the market for smarter decisions

Comprehensive investment analysis

Market insights & benchmarking

We provide investors with a holistic view of the European debt market. As an investor, you can compare investment opportunities against industry benchmarks or evaluate and validate an overall investment strategy.

ABS analysis

Investors can choose between market insights from European marketplace lenders by selecting our Marketplace Insights tool or explore general bank lending by selecting ABS Insights. The ABS analyser provides a complete history of existing loans from as far back as 1990. With data from the first loan analysis up to the present date, we can generate a projected cash flow based on historical performance.

Monthly portfolio performance

To enable even further analyses, CrossLend interpolates the quarterly European DataWarehouse (EDW) data to show monthly portfolio performance and also reconstructs loan data from the time before the EDW was established (EDW reporting only includes data starting from 2013 onwards).

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