Access to private debt markets &
alternative credit across Europe

Transparent, convenient & standardised

At CrossLend, we understand that investors are in need of new and improved ways to enhance their risk-adjusted returns with broader, as well as transparent, investment opportunities. Therefore, we have developed a customised approach to meet your needs.

Single point access

Our CrossLend Marketplace connects investors and originators. Our platform offers investors a single point of access to private debt, spanning different originators, countries and asset classes.

Define your investment criteria

With our platform’s multiple tools and services, you can view loan books from across Europe and engage in transactions tailored to your requirements. You can define investment criteria, aligning each transaction with your overall investment strategy.

Relevant & trustworthy analysis

We understand that loan books are as diverse as their originators and so analysing every conceivable originator is a grossly inefficient use of your time and resources. To save you time, we ensure that you only have to scrutinise the originators that are relevant to your requirements. All originators on our platform go through a comprehensive onboarding process, in which we conduct an initial due diligence and perform extensive analysis on their loan books. Our standardised loan tapes and a replicable legal structure allow for better comparability of different opportunities as well as a more efficient and scalable investment process.

New investing opportunities

To keep you competitive, we provide you with access to previously untapped markets. All of our transactions incorporate forward flow agreements, allowing investors access not only to traditional sources of origination, but also to small and mid-tier originators. We ensure that you have the means to diversify your exposure across countries and asset classes. Investors can access as many originators as they wish, taking all or an agreed proportion of their loans.

Flexible originator sourcing

Our Originator Sourcing allows investors approaching CrossLend to actively source certain types of origination opportunities in the market. You can define your criteria of originations to source in the market.

Fully transparent & no commitment

Investors who join our platform are not required to invest. We are dedicated to transparency. You will have access to relevant information in accordance with pre-defined confidentiality agreements.

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