Smart decisions translated into digital assets

Securitisation as a Service

CrossLend’s Securitisation as a Service provides a fully authorised, supervised and audited framework to issue financial instruments with a variety of features. To create efficient workflows and processes in regard to the issuance of notes, we have optimised the digitisation and automation of data onboarding, data validation and data management.

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Data Suite

Organise and manage your data in one place. Share your origination and loan-level data with external stakeholders in real-time.

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Marketplace Listing

Showcase your origination towards institutional investors across Europe in a standardised and validated way.

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Distribution Service

Accelerate your capital markets distribution by leveraging the experience and network of our accomplished Distribution Service team.

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Related products for investors

Portfolio Manager

Manage your investments in one place, covering the areas of data management, data validation, portfolio analytics and reporting.

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Marketplace Access

Access various investment opportunities across Europe in one place. Explore different asset classes like consumer, SME, invoices or mortgages.

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Originator Sourcing

Use our Originator Sourcing service to find relevant private debt or alternative lending investment opportunities across Europe.

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