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  • Private debt and alternative lending are relevant asset classes as other options for the fixed income side.
  • There are a plethora of opportunities in the market but it is hard to find them – CrossLend makes it easier.
  • Competition for these opportunities is quite stiff. Therefore, standardisation, automation and speed are important.
  • Bringing together originators and investors on one platform is a prerequisite for efficient processes.

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for originators & investors to easily connect

Marketplace Access

With access to the Marketplace, investors are able to access a wide range of investment opportunities from various originators across Europe in such asset classes as a consumer, SME, invoices and mortgages.

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Marketplace Listing

Originators can increase their visibility with institutional investors. By making use of the Marketplace listing, you can showcase your origination capabilities and historical performance in a way that is standardised, automated and efficient.

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Originator Sourcing

Finding the right investment opportunities for different asset classes is a time-consuming task. Analysing data and performing due diligence requires time. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you.

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Distribution Service

For originators that are looking for active support in the distribution of their future origination or existing portfolios to institutional investors across Europe, the CrossLend Distribution team will support you here.

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Portfolio Manager

The Portfolio Manager is a toolkit for investors to manage, process and analyse their existing and future portfolios in one place.

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Data Suite

The Data Suite allows originators to gain a deeper understanding of their loan data and share insights with relevant stakeholders.

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Market Insights

The Market Insights allows originators and investors to have a holistic view on the European private debt and alternative lending market.

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