Data Suite

Plug and play loan data technology for originators

Our Data Suite supports originators with:

Data Reporting

Data management

Data analytics


Performance reporting


Leverage funding potential

Boost transparency

Save time & cost

Features of the Data Suite

Data management

The Data Suite is a strong and powerful data management framework that includes a wide range of data validation processes. Through standardisation and centralised data management, we’ll help you scale your lending business, improving your ability to make timely and well-informed decisions. You will be able to quickly and efficiently perform portfolio analyses that cover a variety of metrics.

You can connect your data to our platform via API, via traditional methods such as CSV/XLS files per S3 buckets, SFTP folders, or even via e-mail.

Portfolio analytics

The Data Suite offers you an abundance of data analytics in real time. You can also filter portfolios according to investors’ eligibility criteria, such as by risk class, loan amounts, status, and more. Based on your selection, the underlying loan-level data will automatically be reanalysed and recalculated.

The data analytics capabilities include metrics such as:

  • Origination over time by month, quarter, or year

  • Loan performance over time
  • Segmentation analysis for loan status, loan amounts, risk classes, or interest rates over time
  • Lending interest rates against loan terms per risk class
  • Portfolio vintage curves with monthly, quarterly, or yearly cohorts
Portfolio Analytics


Cater to your stakeholders’ diverse reporting requirements with our scalable and flexible reporting framework. Choose from several reports such as a current loan-level data snapshot, or an entire history of loan-level and cash flow data. Depending on your reporting needs, you can use these either separately or together.

Our report scheduler allows you to set up automated reports with predefined templates. However, you can also create customised templates according to your individual preferences.

The Data Suite also provides you with a PDF report, which is a summary of the whole portfolio or a sub-selection. You can showcase the current status with a number of different charts, tables and summaries.

Share information with investors

With one click you can prepare and share your data with existing investors, potential investors, and other third parties using the CrossLend Data Suite. For select partners, you can share your portfolios in real-time to enable them to take a deep dive into portfolio performance.

Thanks to convenient permission management, you are in full control of who can see your data at any time. To shorten the evaluation process and quickly move forward with funding negotiations, investors are able to select sub-portfolios of particular interest and evaluate the impact immediately.

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