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Data is key

Data is the driver of innovation and critical for successful business strategies. But often, the information you need is difficult to manage – let alone analyse – especially when everything you need to see is spread among different sources with incompatible formats. We have gone forward to solve these challenges with CrossLend’s data products. By standardising your data from various sources into one unified model, you will be able to perform analyses specific to your business needs.

The right choice for your needs

Data Suite

To help originators manage, validate, and analyse loan-level data, we have created a set of tools to empower you to provide the relevant and necessary details to stakeholders within a scalable process.

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Market Insights

We will provide you with insights on current market trends and development in the private debt and alternative lending space in order to improve your present business decisions and help you plan for the future.

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Portfolio Manager

We will save you time and resources when it comes to your data management and validation tasks by consolidating all your portfolios in one place, with one unified data model, and with real-time comparable analytics.

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